How to adjust the brake of truck brake adjuster

The automatic adjusting arm of the truck can control the brake by adjusting the gear of the clearance.
1. When designing the automatic adjusting arm, different brake clearance values are preset according to the model of different axles. The purpose of this design is to enable the owner to better adjust the brake effect.
2. The frequent braking of the freight car during the driving process makes the brake shoe and brake drum constantly worn, and the gap between them gradually increases, which eventually leads to the longer stroke of the push rod, the lower thrust, the brake lag and the lower braking force.
3. If the clearance of the automatic adjustment arm of the freight car exceeds the limit value during normal use, the automatic adjustment arm will drive the internal one-way clutch mechanism to reduce the clearance value by one gear when the brake action returns, so that the brake clearance can be maintained within a correct

Advantages of brake adjuster
1. Ensure that the wheels have constant braking clearance and braking is safe and reliable;
2. The stroke of the brake wheel cylinder push rod is short, and the brake is fast and reliable;
3. The vehicle adopts a brake adjusting arm. The brake wheel cylinder push rod is always in the initial position before braking, so as to ensure that the brake wheel cylinder push rod is always in the initial position, and ensure that the brake effect is consistent and stable; Reduce the consumption of compressed air and extend the service life of air compressor, brake wheel cylinder and other components in the compressed air system;
4. Reduce material consumption and extend the service life of brake components;
5. Easy installation and use, reduce the number of manual maintenance, and improve economic benefits;
6. The adjusting mechanism is enclosed in the shell and protected well, so as to avoid damp, collision, etc.

Post time: Mar-17-2023