Function of torque rod bush

The torque rod bush is installed at both ends of the thrust rod (reaction rod) of the automobile chassis bridge to play the role of shock absorption and buffering.
The torsion bar (thrust bar) is also known as the anti-roll bar. The anti-roll bar plays the role of preventing the car body from tilting when turning at the intersection, to improve the balance of the car when turning.
When the vehicle is driving on the straight road, the suspension on both sides will do the same deformation movement, and the anti-roll bar will not work at this time; When the car turns in a curve, the suspension on both sides will deform differently when the car body leans. The lateral thrust rod will twist, and the spring of the rod itself will become the return force of the roll
That is, resistance plays a stable and stable role in the structure of the car body, while the torque rod bush plays a damping and buffering role (to prevent the damage of the thrust rod bearing force).news

What is a qualified heavy truck “torque rod bush”
I believe everyone is familiar with the thrust rod, which is also a vulnerable part of the truck, especially the dump truck. The rod is often broken and the rubber core is loose. In fact, the thrust rod plays a very important role in a vehicle. It has no load-bearing function. The leaf spring in the two-axle balance suspension distributes the load to the middle and rear axles. It can only transmit the vertical force and lateral tension, but not the traction force and braking force. Therefore, it is also divided into upper and lower thrust bars to transmit the longitudinal load and torque. Achieve vehicle load balance.
In the case of uneven load on the road, the rubber core of the thrust rod will not only rotate but also twist. Generally, dump trucks are more prominent because the working conditions are not very good. Due to the large market demand, there are many fake and inferior products on the market. There are rubber cores and assemblies.
The first is the so-called rubber core made of cow tendon:
This kind of rubber core has almost no elasticity, and it will be very tight when installed. Once there is a little looseness, it will crack because it is processed with raw rubber with high hardness. In the process of power transmission, the rubber core will move with the unbalanced torque, which has almost no buffering effect, and will lead to rod breakage and steel plate seat cracking.
The second kind of black raw rubber core:
The rubber core is elastic, but internal cracking will occur when it is twisted, and the material is too brittle. If used for a long time, there will be a large gap of looseness, and the inner ball will hit the hole wall, which will lead to hard impact.
The rotating torque is balanced, fixed in multiple grooves, processed with raw rubber, and the inner wall is made of thickened material. This is a qualified torque rod bush.

Post time: Mar-17-2023